Tuxera tackles automotive data storage, NAND errors, SD card formatting, and predictive maintenance and IIoT at Embedded World 2020

They say hindsight is 20/20. But with Embedded World 2020 right around the corner, it’s also the future of data storage. If you’re headed to Nuremberg for this year’s event, we’ve got some presentations and a panel on embedded data storage you don’t want to miss out on! Read on to see all of what we’ll have in store for you there.

How to avoid end of life from NAND correctable errors

Flash media is fabulous for most use cases, but heavy reads can cause correctable errors. Linux flash file systems actually shorten the life of the media when dealing with these errors. How does this change with multiple bits per cell, including recent QLC NAND? We’ll cover both this problem and the impacts in detail, from flash file systems to SSDs and other NAND flash-based media.

Presenter: Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager

Session: 5.1: Hardware I – Memory

Date/time: Tuesday, February 25, 10:30–11:00

We will publish this as a whitepaper shortly after Embedded World, so check back later!

Challenges of tomorrow’s data storage integrity in Automotive and IOT projects

Historically, automotive control units were literally read only. Functionality has been defined by the developer at the very beginning, with no major changes over lifetime. The number of write cycles for flash memory was a no-worry. Now, systems have become much more complex with ECUs consolidated into domain controllers and hosting multiple functions on one SOC. The introduction of Android makes cars look like mobile phones, but with a higher lifetime of 10-15 years. Together with OTA updates, this results in many more write cycles that might make the flash wear out before end of life of the car. Fragmentation is observed to have an impact on performance in mobile devices – and could simply break an automotive system. Issues like FCA’s endless loop update from 2018, or the Spotify bug from 2016 with writing 5 GB per hour to flash puts further risk on future systems. We describe those effects more in detail, and suggest measures to mitigate the risks.

Presenter: Bernd Niedermeier, Head of Automotive Business Development

Session: 4.6: Functional Safety & Security VI – Securing IoT

Date/time: Thursday, February 27, 16:00–16:30

This whitepaper will also be published shortly after Embedded World, so check back later!

First-class formatting: Ensuring optimal performance, lifetime, and quality of SD cards with the SD Card Formatter

Formatting an SD or microSD card requires specific tools to ensure a smooth process, positive experience, and minimal data loss. The SD Card Formatter handles SD cards in accordance with standards defined by the SD Association (SDA). Find out how it works and the performance benefits gained by formatting your SD cards using this helpful tool, developed by file system engineers at Tuxera.

Presenter: Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager

Location: SD Association booth – Hall 3A / 3A-634

Date/time: Every day during Embedded World at 11:30

Panel: Predictive Maintenance Using the IIoT

Industrial systems, manufacturing equipment, robotics, etc., need to be maintained. There’s no getting around that. Doing it on your own schedule, rather than at the most inopportune time can lead to costly delays. This panel will look at what’s need to implement predictive maintenance. We’ll be there to discuss how embedded storage plays a role in predictive maintenance.

Panelist: Kerri McConnell, GM for Americas (CEO of Datalight)

Location: Embedded Computing Design booth – Hall 5, booth 5-341

Date/time: Tuesday, February 25 at 3 PM

We’ll be giving away a raffle prize, so don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion!

Meet Tuxera at Embedded World 2020

If you can’t make it to any of our talks or panels, you can also stop by our booth in Hall 4, 4-532. We’ll be there to listen and learn about your challenges with storage longevity, data integrity, fail-safety, and storage performance in the era of data-driven embedded technologies. Come learn about file systems and flash storage management solutions there. Hope to see you in Nuremberg!

Let’s talk about solving your embedded data storage challenges at Embedded World