An ever-increasing array of devices are powered by Tuxera. But what, begs the question, powers Tuxerians? As we all know, technology itself isn’t enough—there are days when there’s simply more work than time, and stress that can’t be burned off in the ping-pong room.

We recently caught up with some of our Tuxerians to hear precisely what makes them tick. We wanted to gain an honest insight into what drives our people, and what makes them happy to come to work every day.

From novice to creator

“In 2016 when I joined as a summer trainee, I was quite the rookie, driven by a desire to improve myself and learn new things. While a respectable principle in itself, it is too vague without measurable goals. Especially back then, when almost everything was new to me.

Along the way I’ve learned to set targets for myself, such as getting a patch in there, or fixing a problem here. Achieving those targets is a great source of professional pride, like when I’m able to say that a certain TV or other device has a small piece of me inside. I’d naturally want as many devices as possible to contain something that I have contributed towards. Conveniently, this is also beneficial to Tuxera. When I do my job well, Tuxera wins. And when Tuxera gets more partners and customers—I get to do my thing.”

— Mikael, Software Engineer

Boundlessly learning

“I joined  Tuxera as a Junior Web developer right before graduating university. It was a dream come true, and still is. I learned so much while working here, and I continue learning every day. I love working on UX, and hope to bring our website to new levels of awesomeness.”

— Tanya, Web Developer

New challenges, familiar joys

“I’ve always liked how I’ve been allowed to learn new things and face new challenges, since I’m a strong believer that in order to grow we must move out of our comfort zones. That is why I so much enjoyed working in the automotive industry—even though a car is always a car, in every single project there are new opportunities and challenges.

What attracted me to Tuxera was the fact that I could still be in touch with the automotive industry, and at the same time learn about software development processes, which I had never done before. Most importantly, the people at Tuxera have allowed me to be myself, without “office politics,” since as an engineer I’m always more focused on facts and data, but with a human element at the center.

In the future, I hope I can contribute to bringing Tuxera to the next level, so we can get a better foothold in the automotive sector, where the need for information storage is growing exponentially. I also expect that with the new processes and approaches we’re trying, we can develop the next generation of solutions that could give us an edge over our competition. Hopefully, doing these things can also help me grow both personally and professionally.”

— Jesus Cabrera, Project Manager

Building an engaging future

“I see Tuxera filesystems becoming a de facto standard for filesystems in the global market. From embedded to enterprise, Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, IoT to Big Data—there is a huge need for filesystems and storage everywhere.
I see no limit—instead I see a massive demand for filesystems and storage in the upcoming years.”

— Anoop, DevOps Lead Engineer

Let’s make it work

In our company, we believe staying inspired together allows us to achieve anything. Do we want to go to the moon? Yes. Can we reach Mars? You bet.

Find out firsthand what it’s like to work at Tuxera.