The users want to stay connected at all times and the majority of modern cars offer some form of connectivity for everyone. Leading car manufacturers use added connectivity features to customize driving experience according to different needs. Broad entertainment options will score points with families with kids while advanced internet-enabled navigation will appeal to those looking to navigate any city like a local.

According to the latest study from Nielsen, 58% of people planning to purchase a new, connected car feel that it will provide entertainment for the passengers while on the road and 43% expect it to boost their productivity behind the wheel. Some of the highest ranking features for purchasing a high-tech car include safety and diagnostics. McKinsey & Company forecasts that growing demand for vehicle connectivity will increase the value of the global market for connected features and components from $30 billion today to staggering $170 billion in 2020.

Tuxera file system and streaming solutions ensure that the users can always access, transfer and stream media files from all their brought-in devices including phones, tablets, memory sticks, hard drives and high-capacity SDXC cards. Fail-safe by design, Tuxera solutions guarantee that no data will be lost in case of unexpected plug-off, power loss or a system crash. On top of that, optimized for internal storage, Tuxera Flash significantly extends the flash memory lifetime.

Just this summer we joined R-car Consortium with aim to further advance development of smart car features. Run by Renesas Automotive, the organization focuses on bringing better support for car manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

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