Deloitte Fast 500 and its regional version Fast 50 are said to be some of the most objective award programs out there. That’s why we are very excited to announce that for 2012, we were named as one of the top Deloitte Rising Stars. Rising Star Awards ranking is a part of the Fast 50 program and is targeted at young companies with the highest growth in turnover over past three years. Tuxera with 1685% revenue growth jumped to the second place in the ranking. The growth is not enough though; to find its way to the list, a company has to distinguish itself from the others with unique technological innovation.

Rising Star Award gives us a boost to reach even higher performance levels in the future. What we aim for is to provide our customers with innovations that address the challenge of constantly increasing data and at the same time ensure that it can be integrated across all the devices. It means that no matter if you are using SD card in your new Android phablet, in your BMW or in your Nook, your data will be safe and accessible. Technology is getting more advanced every year and so the demand for our solutions is constantly growing. Nowadays, our software solutions are being integrated with Android devices, eReaders, TVs, auto infotainment systems and many more.

Tuxera team worked hard for these achievements. The company started with NTFS software and evolved over the years. Now we offer also HFS+, exFAT and FAT file systems for various platforms and deployments as well as other interoperability technology. Our developers work around the clock to improve and further develop the products.

Ever since the beginning we have been global. Our multinational team has been crucial in the process of establishing ourselves in the foreign markets. At the moment, we are present in the vital technology hubs around the world and are constantly working on expanding our business in Asia. As you can see from our news section, just in the past couple of months we published business partnerships with three Asian companies Panasonic, Power 7 and Pantech.