Our streaming solutions’ expert, Claudio Camacho talks about Internet of Everything and how AllConnect SDK and Streambels fit into all of this.

From IFA International:

The Internet of Things has arrived, but the internet of EVERYTHING is just around the corner

Today there are more objects and devices that are connected to the internet than ever before. In the near future, pretty much everything you can imagine, a fridge, a door, a window, will start providing useful information. Gartner has predicted that by 2020, there will be 26bn inter-connected devices.

[…] What IoE refers to and what are the main challenges

It refers to the interconnection of ALL objects that have connectivity. The main challenge will be how to provide a meaningful interconnectivity between these devices. For instance, what is the benefit for people when their fridge communicates with their toaster? It’s a case of trying to figure out how these interactions can become more meaningful and valuable to the end user.

What’s driving the market?

First and foremost, the cost of computing and networking has been decreasing over the past 10 years, and it’s expected to decrease even faster over the next five to ten years. The availability of wireless technology and internet access everywhere has laid a perfect base for everything to be connected and smart at virtually no cost. So there is a unique opportunity for electronics manufacturers to enter a completely new market of incalculable size and value – of homes, offices, everything.


So what can be done to solve this?

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind. To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

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