In all high-growth companies there comes a time when you need to put some shared guidelines in place. Tuxera is no exception, having doubled our size over the course of the last year. But many people think office guidelines are dull and stale – and forget anyone remembering what they read after half an hour. Especially in the startup scene, office guidelines are typically seen as the destroyers of freedom and flexibility – the harbingers of more bureaucracy to come.

At Tuxera, we want to maintain our unique community spirit of trust, freedom, flexibility, and having fun at work – even as our numbers continue to grow. When the need for some new office guidelines came up, we asked ourselves, why should they be so boring? Couldn’t they represent our shared values and some of our common interests? Could we make office guidelines that are memorable – and fun?

Those questions guided us to try something new and different. Instead of a boring list of steps to follow, we designed our annual leave guidelines as a comic strip! And because we had trouble finding good examples on the web, we’re sharing them with you now for inspiration.

We made sure the cartoon contained a few inside jokes that only Tuxerians can understand, and this extra touch was well received! In the future, we’ll continue our efforts to present the “boring HR stuff” in ways that bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Overall, this is what we aim to do in Tuxera People Operations – “make it work” for our employees and make sure they have an awesome experience working at Tuxera. In the end, it’s about having fun and enjoying what we do!

Funny office guidelines – Tuxera