It’s time for the IFA 2014 wrap-up. If we had to pick one key trend to summarize the show it would be smart home innovation. As the Internet of Things kicks in, we see a constant increase in the number of new smart appliances, wearables that are not concepts anymore, advanced in-car infotainment systems, Ultra HD smart TVs and other connected devices. Cisco predicts at least 50 billion connected devices on the market by 2020.

However, what the industry is lacking so far is a platform that will tie all those things together. Major brands create connected ecosystems where devices can communicate between each other but at the same time are incompatible with other brands or operating systems. As soon as the customer moves outside of the ecosystem, the interoperability is lost.

Connecting All Devices Together

This time our team was in Berlin not only to network and discuss the latest trends, but mainly to announce AllConnect SDK, a platform that allows all devices to connect and talk to each other irrespectively of operating system, hardware or a protocol used. A good example of an application running on top of the AllConnect technology is Streambels, our popular media streaming application. For example video and music streaming services such as Deezer or Spotify completely changed the way people consume music leading to a number of hardware vendors integrating them directly into their products. With AllConnect all the favorite channels are just a click away.

The idea behind is to let the users stream content stored anywhere: their phones and tablets, media servers, online channels and the cloud to any connected device be it smart TV, wireless speakers, set-top box such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV, car dashboard and others. No matter if it’s AirPlay, Chromecast, DIAL or DLNA or any other protocol it just works. AllConnect is also the easiest technology to embed in any third-party application or hardware. It’s fully software based, supports Android and iOS and does not depend on any additional hardware.

AllConnect is ready for evaluation, contact our team to learn more.