SDC 2015Next week you can meet Tuxera Network Storage team at the Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara. The event attracts over 400 attendees from the worldwide storage community bringing latest trends in file systems software, SMB, software defined storage, security, performance and more. SDC 2015 agenda follows 3 tracks that focus on disruptive technologies: Persistent Memory, Object Drives and SMR drives.

Tuxera SMB

Tuxera is participating in the SNIA SMB3 Plugfest underwritten by Microsoft. We are testing and showcasing our latest technology for the storage market: Tuxera SMB and Cloud Storage Gateway. Tuxera SMB is a feature-rich, proprietary SMB solution for Linux and any embedded platform that fully replaces Samba. Performance optimizations together with low CPU and memory footprint enable multiple simultaneous connections to shared resources. Full interoperability with all SMB protocols including SMB3, customizable settings and workload specific optimizations make it easy to adapt it on any hardware platform.

tsmb_routerCloud storage is a hot topic and we are presenting also Cloud Storage Gateway: enterprise-class storage product for public, private and hybrid clouds with freedom from platform lock-in.

For more information get in touch with our Network Storage team. Let’s meet up at the event – contact us to book a meeting.