Every day thousands of users open Streambels app to stream what’s on their Android phone or tablet to a long list of smart devices including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Freebox, LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs, Denon, Bose and Philips speakers and many more. This week we are excited to add also a popular Amazon Fire TV to that list.

Amazon Fire TV is smart TV box that doubles as a gaming micro-console. Launched just this April in the US, it’s best known for its well-rounded entertainment offer and voice search feature which makes it really easy for the user to find any content. If you started watching a movie on your Kindle, thanks to Amazon WhisperSync Fire TV will pick it up as soon as you get home and automatically start playing it on the big screen. And vice versa.

Streambels offers support for all the latest streaming technologies ensuring that all your music, photos and videos can be played on any AirPlay, Chromecast, DIAL or DLNA device. DIAL, which stands for DIal-and-Launch, is a protocol co-developed by Netflix and YouTube that aims to bridge the gap between the first and the second screen. This way, sending online content to your TV won’t require more than one click.

New Streambels’ update (4.5) is out on the Google Play Store and includes several enhancements along with significant reduction in the battery consumption. If you have Streambels already on your phone or tablet, just search the new Amazon set-top box for “Streambels for Fire TV” and install it free of charge. Within seconds you can enjoy all your digital content directly on the Amazon Fire TV.

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