After months of development, extensive testing and very valuable feedback from our beta testers, we are very excited to let you know that Streambels – our AirPlay & DLNA media streaming app for Android is finally available for a download at the Google Play Store. Thanks to the support for both AirPlay & DLNA, the app ensures full compatibility with the majority of devices in your home.

Streambels brings something for everyone, no matter if you are looking for an AirPlay alternative for Android, or are exploring streaming options via DLNA. Now you can easily beam music, videos and photos to Apple TV, AirPort Express, Freebox, AirPlay speakers such as Bose, Sony, Pioneer, B&O or any other AirPlay-certified device. Integrated DLNA support ensures it works smoothly with Samsung TVs, Xiaomi Box, LG TVs, Sony TVs and many other DLNA-enabled receivers.

Apart from the multi-device compatibility, the app brings high level of functionality and ease of use. Advanced features include simplified navigation, background playing, seek function, repeat & shuffle, and automatic pause when you receive a call. Using one of the the preloaded background themes, you can change how the app looks every day. We know how important it is, to not only to be able to stream the local content, but also the media stored online. That is why our team is focusing now on adding the support for most popular online channels such as 8tracks, SoundCloud, a range of online radio stations and more at a later date, including for example popular Spotify.

Enjoy effortless media streaming with Streambels!