Yesterday Apple released iPhone 6 and iWatch and today we have a fresh iOS version of Streambels for you. Excited? You should be – Streambels lets you stream any content from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to virtually any connected device in your home. It’s compatible with all time favorite gadgets including Amazon Fire TV and popular game consoles such as Xbox.

With Streambels you are no longer restricted to one technology ecosystem such as DLNA or AirPlay. Based on AllConnect SDK, it allows devices to connect and “talk” to each other regardless of the brand, operating system or a protocol.

The goal is, and must be, to make the end-user’s life easy. The consumer should be given the power to do incredible things with technology without having to learn all the complexity behind.

To counter this, Tuxera has developed, with the aim of bringing a large number of major brands under one umbrella, the AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform allowing every device to talk together seamlessly, regardless of operating system, protocol or network topology.

– IFA International on AllConnect SDK

The latest features of the Streambels for iOS include:

  • All your media in one place: music, photos, movies, shows, iTunes playlists. You name it.
  • Support for all streaming technologies: AirPlay, Google Chromecast, DIAL, DLNA
  • Compatible with more than 5 billion devices out of the box
  • Simple & intuitive design

It’s available for download on the App Store. For more information check the redesigned Streambels website. Contact our team if you are interested in hearing more about the technology behind it.