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Join us for a technology showcase at the OPEN Automotive’14, part of the GENIVI member meeting in Detroit this October. Open to the public, the event focuses on the connected car and its role in the IoT. Head to our stand for: Fail-safe demo showcasing high-performance, endurance and reliability Content streaming demo presenting Tuxera’s AllConnect
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GENIVI All Member Meeting, October 7-10, Detroit, MI, USA

  • September 19, 2014 /
  • by Karolina Mosiadz
In October we will be heading to the annual GENIVI member-only meeting in Detroit. The event includes also OPEN Automotive’14, a public conference focused on automotive connectivity and IoT. Together with the Linux Foundation, GENIVI aims to align and and produce a single, standards-based, Linux-based automotive platform. One could argue that Linux is one of the best overall
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Seamless In-car User Experience

  • May 28, 2014 /
  • by Karolina Mosiadz
In-car connectivity technology is currently undergoing a transition to ensure that all passengers can enjoy a completely tailored user experience. The customers nowadays want to stay connected at all times and are looking for models that offer not only safer and less distracting environment but are also highly personalised and convenient. We can see a
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