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Tuxera NTFS and exFAT Power Kingston MobileLite Wireless

  • July 22, 2013 /
  • by Karolina Mosiadz
Bring Ultimate Interoperability and Fail-Safety to Wi-Fi Storages Helsinki, Finland and Fountain Valley, USA – July 22, 2013 – Tuxera Inc., market leader in the interoperable file system technologies announced today a partnership with Kingston Digital, Inc. to accelerate Kingston’s entry into the highly contested mobile device market. MobileLite Wireless is the first Kingston product to use
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Microsoft’s commitment to intellectual property licensing continues through its latest agreements with Audiovox, Continental, Harman and LG Automotive. REDMOND, Wash. — June 19, 2013 — Microsoft Corp. today announced patent licensing agreements with automotive technology companies Audiovox, Continental, Harman and LG Automotive for the use of its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) file system. The
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Delivers Top Performance for High Capacity 64GB SDXC Memory Cards Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan – June, 2013 — Tuxera Inc., the market leader in file systems, announced today that Fujitsu introduced Tuxera exFAT in its Fujitsu ARROWS smartphones and tablets. Fujitsu’s Android based devices, well regarded for their innovative features and usability, are continuing
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