Tuxerians hail far and wide, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Simon Wright started at the company during spring last year, joining our marketing team as Copywriter. Since then, he’s been putting finger-to-keyboard writing or editing many of the blog posts, press releases, whitepapers, and other Tuxera content that you may have read.

All the while, Tuxera has gone through some major changes – like rocketing forward with new leadership and gaining a crew of experienced professionals from across the Atlantic. What’s it like for someone at this company to see all of that, while still fresh on the job? What makes Tuxera an interesting environment for a non-engineer in the first place? We had lots of questions, and Simon was, thankfully, happy to help.

What got you interested in Tuxera as an employer?

Simon: I was seduced by the opportunity to write about cutting-edge technical solutions in a company that came across as down to earth, welcoming, and extremely international.

Were there any big surprises about the company, or about the realities of becoming a fabled Tuxerian?

Simon: Just seeing how much of an effort the company makes to care about its employees was a pleasant discovery. I’ve experienced helpful support with personal development, and chances to grow in different directions. In my short time here, I’ve also seen Tuxera go through some significant changes, but the feeling of me mattering as an employee has remained constant. The hoodies are also more comfortable than I expected.

What’s been the most daunting part about content writing in this highly technical field?

Simon: By far, the biggest challenge has been in building a comprehensive understanding of our range of products, their technical details, and the know-how that drives their development. The learning curve has been steep, but enjoyable and manageable. I’ve also learned a huge amount about the embedded industry in general – something new nearly every day.

What keeps you continuously interested in your job?

Simon: Getting to write about software that has a real, tangible effect on devices and data storage worldwide is very cool, because it’s technology that affects so many aspects of our lives. It’s also great to work with people who are so knowledgeable and passionate about tech – getting the chance to help communicate their expertise and excitement to audiences is something I find highly rewarding.

How do you see your journey here at Tuxera, from the beginning and leading up to this day?

Simon: It’s been a tremendous learning experience, and a lot of fun. I feel blessed to be working with very talented people – engineers, other marketing geeks, and everyone in between. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Tuxera!

Protecting data integrity, together

Supporting each other and making sure all of us have our voices heard are major aspects of working at Tuxera. We know that in order to care about keeping the world’s data safe and sound, we first need to care about each other. Simon is not the only Tuxerian to recently hop on board – we’ve had a ton of people join our global team over the past year. You could be the next one.

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