Join Tuxera Technology Showcase at CES 2016. We are opening the doors of our suite at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino from January 6th to 9th. What to expect? Our demo sessions include:

  • Designed for Flash, making autonomous driving possible. Constant recording of huge amount of data coming from different sensors and cameras in autonomous driving can corrupt the memory. Tuxera Flash File System (TFFS) prevents the corruption and ensures complete data reliability.
  • Content everywhere. All media on all devices. All your content available whenever you needed it, pulled from the cloud, content networks, online channels and digital storage. Delivered with the best user experience, network performance and data security.
  • Maximized mobile performance. Make accessing content from digital storage efficient, reliable and fast. Tuxera exFAT processes multiple requests at the same time at the highest transfer speed with 100% data and device integrity and lowest CPU usage.
  • Highest speeds for multiple video streams. Record four or more video streams at the same time, at the highest possible speed over a long period of time. 100% data and system integrity, no performance drops or signs of a slowdown.

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Welcome to Las Vegas!