Today is not just another Friday! We woke up with the excitement of being one the best places to work in Finland. For a second year in a row, we’ve been recognized with the Great Place to Work award. We have grown quickly and sustainably over the past years; and this prize is a reflection of how we have managed to create a work environment where people are not only valued as individuals, but also trusted on their decisions and capable of working as a team. Yet, being just a “great place to work” as such may not mean much to some of you, so we’d like to break this down and explain what makes us different from other workplaces. Why do we get up every morning? What is so fulfilling about working at Tuxera?

  1. Trust. Building trust requires transparency and a mutual commitment and understanding. Listening to others, valuing and respecting everyone opinions and ideas, and being able to share responsibilities are actions we take in our day-to-day working relationships.
  2. Freedom. We are encouraged to get things done, in our own schedule and on our own ways. We get all the support we need to make things happen. No one watches over our shoulders while we work. We do our job and then some.
  3. Investing in employees. We are constantly hiring, but that does not mean we stop caring about our existing top talent. The company is constantly improving and thinking how to retain the current workforce: we have opportunities to grow professionally and develop our roles and careers; our merits are recognized and we are given enjoyable challenges that push us out of our comfort zone. This makes us work harder and being more engaged at work.
  4. Bonds outside the workplace. While we’re relatively a young company, more and more of us have developed close relationships outside the office and participate together in fun activities. Things like playing floorball or table-tennis, going to the movies, wine tasting sessions or skiing trips are key if we want to build a team of people that enjoy working with each other.
  5. We shine when things get tough. Being the magical men from Happy-Land, living in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane happens only in fiction. We have the certainty to rely on resourceful, brilliant, A+ people capable of facing every challenge we find along the way.

Being a great place to work depends on multiple factors, but it is very much shaped by the people who are part of it. Strategy, processes, ways of operating… can contribute in building a great working environment, however it is motivated and driven people who determine the success of our mission as a company.



– – –

Dedicated to all Tuxera employees (past, present and future)!