Stockholm, Sweden – Tele2 IoT Talks – September 26, 2018 – Tuxera, the world-leading storage software and networking technology company, today announces its partnership with Tele2 IoT, bringing Tuxera’s industrial gateway solution to Tele2 IoT’s ecosystem. According to Tuxera, the partnership is followed by the company’s proven track record of providing high-reliability software for data collection and transfer. Both companies envision strong growth within the sector and continue to invest into their IoT offering.

“We are excited to be joining Tele2’s IoT ecosystem and to expand our operations worldwide. We’ve started our IoT vertical locally, working mainly with Nordic companies to continuously improve and nurture our technology. Learning from this experience, we’ve matured our gateway technology to meet the global industrial IoT requirements. We look forward to future joint projects with Tele2 IoT and their partners,” says Markku Räsänen, COO at Tuxera.

“Tele2 IoT is not just a leading provider of connectivity and IoT-enabling services, we also work with leading partners in order to ensure the end-to-end solutions our customers need,” says Cyril Deschanel, CCO at Tele2 IoT. “This is an important part of our strategy and we’re happy to welcome a strong partner like Tuxera to our ecosystem.”

TELE2’s IoT Platform

Tele2 IoT is a subsidiary company of the Tele2 Group. From the start of its operations, the company has been actively building its partner program, with Telit and Microsoft being some of the first companies to join. Since then, more than 100 companies have joined the partner program, including partners with a broad offering of hardware, software, and services solutions.

A strong vision of building IoT

Both companies envision IoT as a growing industry which enables a world without borders, and technology that offers a better world by making it smarter. As new data-driven technologies continue to emerge, Tuxera and Tele2 IoT will find new opportunities and bring innovative solutions to tackle the needs of a rapidly evolving industrial IoT market.

IoT Talks

The partnership between Tuxera and Tele2 IoT was announced as a part of this year’s IoT Talks opening keynote, in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2014, IoT Talks has been held 12 times in seven European cities. Last year’s IoT Talks gathered 1200+ attendees, 60+ ecosystem players, and 30+ speakers to talk about the best practices of co-monetizing IoT. This year’s event focuses on creating a Smarter World together. The yearly IoT Talks are organized for Tele2 IoT’s partners, existing customers, as well as prospects, as a go-to place for networking, partnerships, and building new projects as a joint platform effort.

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of storage and networking technologies. From the latest flagship smartphones, to cars, cameras, routers, and drones—Tuxera’s software makes file transfers fast and content easily accessible. The company is an active member of multiple standard organizations, including JEDEC, AGL, SD Association, UFS Association, and many others. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, India, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the US.

About Tele2 IoT

At Tele2 IoT connectivity is at the heart of everything we do—but it’s not everything we do.

What we do is orchestrate a smarter world—and we do that by focusing on what we do best: efficiently delivering connectivity and IoT enabling services—while creating the carefully selected partner ecosystem that will give you greater efficiency and more control over your business, whether you’re operating in five cities or five continents.

Tele2 IoT has been recognized by Gartner for managed M2M services worldwide, and while we think globally we’re also agile enough to act locally—allowing you think big, start small, and scale up when you’re ready. We’ll be with you for every step of your IoT journey.

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