The companies announce their partnership bringing hardware and software innovations to the HPC industry

Helsinki, Finland – January 3, 2019 Tuxera, the world leading storage software and networking technology company announced its partnership with GIGABYTE, selecting the company as the enterprise hardware provider of choice. Working together, the companies bring flexible HPC solutions to their customers—offering high-performing storage infrastructure at a competitive TCO. As a part of the partnership, Tuxera will be showcasing a live demonstration of the MooseFS turnkey storage appliance during CES 2019.

“GIGABYTE offers a number of very flexible server platforms that provide the ability to combine CPU and GPU compute and storage within the same chassis. This is very beneficial to our customers as it allows them to run our storage platform alongside complementary applications, such as machine learning workloads on GPUs, within the same physical server – maximizing their physical hardware investment and resource utilization,” says Heinrich von Keler, Tuxera’s Director of Enterprise Solutions.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Tuxera. Working together, we offer a high-performance, flexible and cost-efficient storage platform to meet the storage needs of customers in HPC, digital media, automotive and oil and gas exploration. We look forward to cooperating with Tuxera,” says Sean Chen, Marketing Manager, GIGABYTE Network & Communications Division.

MooseFS by Tuxera is the company’s high-performance enterprise storage platform, a fault-tolerant, distributed parallel file system designed for HPC applications. Being a software-defined storage platform, MooseFS is hardware agnostic and can run on any x86 server platform. However, Tuxera went a step further to create a turnkey appliance for MooseFS, offering a combined hardware and software storage solution for even faster and easier deployment for the customer’s data centers.

Showcasing the partnership at CES

As part of this new partnership, Tuxera will be running a live demonstration of the MooseFS turnkey storage appliance at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Using GIGABYTE’s H261-N80 which combines 4 hot-pluggable, dual-socket Intel Xeon Scalable compute nodes into a single 2U chassis, the demonstration will feature benchmark testing of 1 Master and 3 Chunk servers (4 nodes in total) and multiple VMs running on each machine simultaneously.

CES attendees that wish to see the live demonstration of MooseFS and learn more about Tuxera’s storage solutions may contact Tuxera directly to arrange an appointment at the suite. CES attendees may also visit GIGABYTE at Booth #21423, Ground Floor, South Hall 1 during the show to learn more about their various server hardware platforms.

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of embedded and large storage technologies. From the latest flagship smartphones, to connected cars, and petabyte storage applications—Tuxera’s software makes data-intensive operations fast, reliable, and easy to maintain. Tuxera’s quality-assured products and services ensure data consistency and storage safety in more than 1 billion embedded devices. While for enterprises, Tuxera’s solutions maintain data integrity and availability for mission-critical distributed storage infrastructures. The company is an active member of multiple standard organizations, including JEDEC, AGL, IIC, SD Association, and many others. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, India, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the US.


Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, GIGABYTE was founded in 1986 as a motherboard manufacturer and has grown to become a diverse brand of computing products for both consumer and enterprise. GIGABYTE’s expertise in electronic, mechanical and thermal engineering allows us to develop and produce a diverse range of precision engineered server platforms based on various x86 and Arm CPU designs from Intel, AMD and Marvell, and are ideal for applications in enterprise computing, cloud and web hosting, Big Data, artificial intelligence, scale-out storage, and embedded and edge computing. “Upgrade Your Life” with GIGABYTE.

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