Join us for a technology showcase at the OPEN Automotive’14, part of the GENIVI member meeting in Detroit this October. Open to the public, the event focuses on the connected car and its role in the IoT. Head to our stand for:

  • Fail-safe demo showcasing high-performance, endurance and reliability
  • Content streaming demo presenting Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK and Streambels

Sharing relevant data inside and outside the car is going to be one of the biggest trends for the drivers in the next five years, enhancing the overall driving experience. A common problem that many designers of the automotive IVI systems face is a sudden power loss. As a safeguard against it, Tuxera’s automated testing reproduces various critical scenarios to always ensure full data security. During the demo we will show how fail-safe by design, Tuxera solutions guarantee that no data gets lost or corrupted in case of plug-off, power-off or a system crash.

Connected automotive infotainment is quickly becoming a must for every car manufacturer. It’s also one of the major factors influencing the decision of buying a certain car model. The customers expect to always be able to access their content no matter whether they are at home, visiting friends or going for a road trip. Tuxera’s AllConnect SDK solves this problem. With support for all the latest streaming technologies, it makes sure that the user can access and manage data regardless of where it is stored and listen or display it on any connected device. What if the device does not support any of the protocols? We developed AllConnect Receiver that paired with any application built on top of the AllConnect technology will allow any device, be it smart TV or a car dashboard, to receive and display the content. At the event in Detroit you will have a unique opportunity to see how an app built on top of AllConnect SDK, here Streambels, works in real life.

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