Last week we celebrated our winter party at Tuxera. Our internal party committee always makes sure that every year we do something different and memorable this day, where the table tennis tournament is the only constant.

This year another tournament was also played at the office: Texas Hold ’em poker. Since we spend a lot of time working with each other, it was very hard to bluff in front of our colleagues :). Nevertheless, as the computer scientist Randy Pausch said:

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.


Those who did not win in any of the tournaments had the chance to recoup and burn off adrenaline at Salmisaari sports center with boxing and other activities. We did enough exercise to get us hungry and in the mood for some dinner and cocktails at Kokomo Tikibar in the center of Helsinki.


We can’t deny that winter conditions are hard in Finland. Having these type of events internally is not just a way for us to cope with the winter, but they are also great for team bonding, a perfect mood booster, and a fantastic way to celebrate together our achievements. Thank you!