Last Friday we celebrated our summer party. In this event Tuxera employees from HQ and other Tuxera offices gather to spend the day together and do some fun activities. It is a great opportunity to engage with fellow colleagues who you do not see that often and to talk about our goals, expectations and future, both from personal and company’s perspective.

We spent the first part of the day in Nuuksio, one Finnish national park in Espoo. The weather was fantastic! It felt so good to be outside and see all of us full of energy and connecting with each other. We’ve got to walk on water, practice archery and also enjoy a relaxed sauna and spa session. To get an idea of what the day was like, take a look at the pictures below:

Archery lessons


Lunch break


WaW: Walking on Water


But while being outdoors is great, we had to rush back to our office. Because in Tuxera there is one appointment that, whether as a participant or spectator, cannot be missed: our table tennis tournament. The world stops. Our table tennis tournament is played twice a year and it’s the event everyone is waiting for. Plenty of speculations and rumors brewed during the days before. In addition, there was an special surprise: for the first time, the winner would receive a trophy as a reward for his victory!

The countdown for the next tournament has already begun


And as the last planned activity, we headed for dinner to a fusion cuisine restaurant in the center of Helsinki. A lot of fun and laughs that took us to prolong the evening a little bit longer and to close up the night in the adjacent bar.

Thank you all for making the summer day so special. We now long for the winter party!