Vault: Linux Storage ConferenceNext week we are heading to Boston to participate in Vault, brand new Linux Storage and File Systems Conference, co-located with the invite-only Linux File System and Storage Summit. The summit gathers development, research experts and subsystem maintainers to work on improvements to Linux file systems, storage and memory management subsystems. Implemented changes will find their way to Linux kernel and distributions in the next 24 to 48 months. Vault, a new addition to the conference aims to bring together leading developers in file systems and storage in the Linux kernel in order to advance computing and encourage collaboration and continuous innovation. This technical setting is open to everyone interested in the topic and wanting to address the new trends. With the big data growth and popularity of cloud storage, demand for Linux in storage and file systems is on the rise. Tuxera with its expertise in Linux, continues to actively contribute to the community.

Data, file systems and storage are at the centre of today’s computing environment. There is an increasing need for storages that are robust, accessible and scalable and in turn for solutions facilitating constant data growth, increasing storage capabilities and ensuring the fastest file transfer speed on the newest hardware. Tuxera developers are working on boosting the performance, power efficiency and extending capacity even further. Find out more about the latest Tuxera products: Tuxera Flash File System for internal, flash memory and Tuxera SMB, a high-performance, proprietary licensed SMB server implementation.

We will be also discussing mobile storage standards and implementations, available now and coming in the future. Cooperation with partners and vendors is essential to optimize software drivers and different layers.