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As our jobs require us to do a lot of sitting in the office, we also want to balance it with activities, like the in-house table tennis room. This year we decided to start autumn off with a full week dedicated to healthy choices and well-being: the wellness week.

Our week starts with an energizing yoga here in our office and in the afternoon we will have some fun doing smoothies together for a good snack. Not only drinking them but also doing them together will bring some new wind for the almost-normal office life we have here.

Tuesday will be a bit more serious with influenza vaccinations and ergonomic check-ups that are really important for all of us who sit a lot in front of our computers. Also a body composition measurement is in the list for all those who might want to see how their body is doing.

Morning porridge done together in our kitchen is the perfect start for Wednesday! Light cooking together and adding some fun, and maybe even new, ingredients to the start of the day – and, of course, eating – will be a nice touch in the middle of the week. Especially since we will need our strength in the afternoon when we will go and try Brazilian jiu-jitsu together.

Smoothies are also in the menu for Thursday but this time they’ll be done in the morning so we will all have energy for the rest of the week. And just to make the end of the week easier, we will have a different type of yoga in the office to spruce us up.

Friday we want to take an after-lunch walk for refreshment of the mind and body as well as to see how our neighbourhood of Ruoholahti looks like in the autumn. The fresh air also serves us well as for the end of the day we will have a health lecture and we need to be focused for that! We will get tidbits on how to make healthier life choices as well how our sleeping cycles affect us.

Throughout the week our kitchen will be loaded with healthier snacks as well as some posters to give everybody some food for thought on the importance of water and the affects sugary drinks have on us, for example.

Winter is coming but we will be ready!