Our people power has grown by 38% over the past year, with offices spread across the globe. In tech companies like ours, where the workforce is distributed, how do you keep everyone working together toward the same goal? While countless solutions exist to make remote teams work better together, technology is only part of the answer. At Tuxera, we feel face-to-face company-wide meetings are a crucial element to our success and growth.

Last week we held our sixth annual company-wide meeting – which we call Tuxera Week. This event brings everyone together from all our teams around the globe to discuss the state of our company, trends in our markets, what our customers are talking about, our products and their development, and our processes.

A time for reflection, revelations, and redirection

“Tuxera Week is a chance to step away from our daily activities and reflect on what’s happened over the course of the year. It’s also a time to establish plans for the future, so everyone’s working to achieve the same goal,” says Mikko Välimäki, our CEO.

This year we had info sessions on patent strategy, people operations, and marketing strategy. Over the course of the week, we had some hands-on workshops on brand ambassadorship and design thinking. Our sales representatives from the USA and Asia shared what their customers are talking about and how we can best serve their needs. The development, quality assurance, R&D, and product teams discussed roadmaps, new products and tools, new ways of working, and shared interesting findings from their work. Top management spoke about the state of the company and our people, and inspired us with future goals to strive for.

We also did some team-building activities to get to know and understand each other a bit better. An escape room adventure brought us together to solve challenges. Our ping-pong tournament made people sweat all the way until the finals! We organized a retro-gaming tournament featuring the company’s favorite game – Super Bomberman 3. And an evening together for dinner spurred friendly conversations and lots of laughter.

An old idea with some new twists

“Other tech companies do similar things, but from what I’ve heard, they tend to be more team-based, such as an annual sales meeting or annual R&D meeting. During Tuxera Week, people share knowledge across teams. Anyone can attend each session no matter what team they’re on or what function they’re doing. One key factor in our success is that no one gets forced into a box – you’re able to help in other areas as well,” explains Mikko.

Satu Muilu, Head of People Operations, adds, “Many technology companies do annual events where they concentrate on, for example, people topics only. A lot of the organization of these events is a top-down effort from HR. Here at Tuxera, employees equally from all functions take ownership and organize sessions for sharing their expertise with colleagues. We even had new employees who joined Tuxera only a week before take the stage and share their knowledge – and they did it on their own initiative.”