Recently we have been posting about Chinese rapid technological expansion and its constantly growing demand for smart devices. One of the most interesting, young companies that have emerged in China in the past couple of years is Xiaomi. This handset manufacturer managed to establish its brand in a surprisingly short time. It aced in most of the categories: innovation, distribution channel, business model and first year sales figures.

The company is mostly known for its flagship Android Mi smartphones that are sold in batches online with a pre-order system. This way several thousand phones get sold in a matter of minutes, sometimes even faster. Value added to the customer includes custom Android interface called MUI, instant messaging service – Miliao IM chat and a large assortment of accessories.  It is not surprising that Xiaomi acquired a huge fan base that calls themselves “mi fen” (米粉) which literally means “rice flour”, a clever word play to Xiaomi name which translates to “little rice”. Its messaging app MiTalk has now 17 million users and last year it recorded 1 million simultaneous online users.

At the end of last year Xiaomi published its first set-top box, Xiaomi Box. Now, after signing with Chinese TV network iCNTV, it starts a trail run with a shipment of just 10 000 devices to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changsha. Xiaomi Box that allows its users to stream, record, store and playback any media content hassle-free, ships with Tuxera file system solutions that ensure smooth working process, interoperability, high performance and ultimate data safety.

The company is planning to expand to the US and Europe in the next two years.

Last week over 20 Chinese media outlets such as China Daily or run ads featuring our file system solutions shipping inside the Xiaomi’s set-top box.

What distinguishes this device from the others? Off the top of head I would mention ease of use, high performance, reliability and compatibility. All four of them were attributed to Tuxera file system solutions.

“In the standard version of the Android file system the performance can be drastically lessened in case of unexpected power outages, the accidental loss of data in the the user USB storage media or in case of other unforeseen situations. More often than not, the user could lose the data forever. Tuxera NTFS / FAT write fail-safe data protection features, as well as support for on-the-fly repair function, prevents the loss of data due to unexpected power failure or improper operation.”

Xiaomi first trial shipment of 10 000 devices has been snapped almost immediately by the customers. Those who did not manage to purchase it in time will have to wait until the 9th of April. It is already called one of the most desired smart-TV accessories.