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Tuxera in the media

As recognized industry experts in storage software and networking technologies, Tuxera is widely cited in global media and tech press. Examples of media we have been featured in include:


Digital Trends:

Helsingin Sanomat:


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 Tuxera Trademark and Logo

How to use Tuxera trademark?

TUXERA® is a trademark of Tuxera Inc. worldwide. If you use the Tuxera work mark in any connection, you should also use the ® symbol. This symbol provides notice to third parties of Tuxera Inc’s rights in its mark.

Tuxera has a product descriptor that follows the trademark, for example: Tuxera NTFS, Tuxera exFAT, Tuxera software, Tuxera file system, or Tuxera partner.

Always use Tuxera as an adjective. Trademarks can not be used as a verb or noun or in the possessive or plural forms. Do not change the spelling, add hyphens, or make one word two. Do not abbreviate Tuxera to create an acronym.

How to use Tuxera logo?

Tuxera logo is © 2018 Tuxera Inc. Except for press purposes and blogs, the use of Tuxera logo requires a written permission from Tuxera Inc. Please contact us if you would like to become a Tuxera partner or customer.

If you use Tuxera logo, then do not alter the proportions (width and height), do not adjust the colors or use any effects, and do not alter the background or add anything on top of the logo.

Any use of Tuxera logo on the Internet should be linked from the logo to


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About Tuxera: Tuxera is the leading provider of storage software and networking technologies that allow music, pictures, videos and other content to be shared across any device or operating system. Every second three devices powered by Tuxera are launched to the market – mobiles, tablets, drones, cameras, cars, home entertainment and other electronics. Close collaboration with industry leaders ensures reliable compatibility, high performance standards and low power use. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA.

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Tuxera continues to serve our global customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring the well-being of our employees and their families. Read the full announcement.