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Humax success story

How Humax used Tuxera file systems in their first line of premium home routers

Humax sought to bring a new series of premium home routers to market: the Humax Quantum T9 and Quantum T9X routers. For external USB support, Humax wanted reliable drivers that also provided the fastest data transfer speeds. That’s why they chose Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera and Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera embedded file systems.

About Humax

HUMAX Inc. is a Korean global networking company that delivers electronic products to consumers, businesses, and service providers. Their products include Wi-Fi routers and extenders, LTE gateways and Femto, cable modem DOCSIS and other network equipment. The company’s international headquarters and R&D facility is based in Korea, with offices around the world.

Bringing ultra-fast Wi-Fi into the connected home

Building on its reputation for premium internet gateways for business use, Humax launched a completely new series of routers targeted for home use. This series was designed specifically for tech-savvy people who use a lot of bandwidth, from watching movies on Netflix to playing multiplayer online games. These premium routers have an Intel chipset solution for very fast processing, plus ultrafast AC-2400 Wi-Fi hardware. Along with high-performance hardware, these routers needed support for external USB storage so consumers could easily access videos, pictures, music, and other files.

Premium hardware deserves all the best software

Although open-source file systems were an option, Humax had concerns about read/write speeds and CPU usage for these ultra-fast routers. The driver software they were searching for would ensure the maximum potential of their high-end hardware.

That’s why Humax chose Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera and Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera to bring plug-and-play support for content stored on any external HDD or USB flash drive. Tuxera’s reputation for high-quality, high-performance software was a key influence in their decision to choose Tuxera’s file systems for the Quantum T9 and Quantum T9X routers. Plus, Tuxera’s successes with other OEMs in the home networking market was extra assurance to Humax that Tuxera is a partner you can count on.

Speeding things along, with help all the way

Humax was able to easily integrate Tuxera’s file systems to their platform, realizing a notable improvement in data transfer speeds of routers – an estimated tenfold increase in read and write speeds compared to file system alternatives. Humax was also very pleased with the level of responsive and knowledgeable support provided by Tuxera’s Technical and customer support team.  Plus, Tuxera’s experts communicated in their native language, Korean, which Humax found very beneficial.

In their own words

“We had a fantastic experience from Tuxera. The support was wonderful and the autobuild delivery service was both easy to understand and use. Our engineers felt it was very convenient to be able to communicate in Korean with Tuxera’s support team.” Namkyu Cho B2C Business Director, Retail CPE Team, Humax

“We chose Tuxera because of their strong reputation as the leading experts in file system technologies. Partnering with Tuxera was a very positive experience. We are planning to continue a long-term partnership with Tuxera.” Suehong Han, Sr. Business Development & Marketing Manager, Retail CPE Team, Humax

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