Reliability and high performance in every situation

Tuxera delivers solutions fully optimized for the most demanding industrial applications.

Ultimate Reliability

Tuxera robust solutions ensure a fast and rock solid reliable data recording in the automotive infotainment and aviation “black box” measurement systems. Our software meets the most demanding requirements in industries where it is essential capture data both effectively and efficiently.

Robert Weinmann,
Appareo Systems, Embedded Systems DirectorNovember 27, 2014

Tuxera’s file systems offer great reliability – something required in the aviation industry. The Vision 1000 system captures critical inertial and position data, cockpit imagery and audio. Tuxera helps to make this happen.

Chalon Dilber,
Director of Marketing at Safety VisionNovember 27, 2014

Fleet customers rely on us to provide evidentiary quality video in the extremely demanding mobile/vehicle environment. Our new Network Video Recording (NVR) platform utilizes Tuxera’s solution to offer unprecedented read/write performance while adhering to strict interoperability and reliability standards

Ultra Fast Performance

Tuxera delivers the industry’s highest performing file system solutions, fully optimized for the transfer of large files in demanding medical use cases. Tuxera solutions power the un-compromised storage needed in space exploration and military.

Extended System Lifetime

Flash-memory friendly and optimized for the internal storage, Tuxera file system solutions are 100% fail-safe and ensure the longest flash memory lifetime.


Jack Greenbaum,
Director of Engineering, Advanced Products Group, Green Hills Software.November 27, 2014

Embedded device manufacturers have asked us for long-term, tested and reliable solutions for their data interoperability needs. Tuxera’s market-leading file systems together with Green Hills Software’s secure and reliable operating systems provides embedded designers a total solution with the fastest time-to-market.

Interoperability Across Platforms

Tuxera solves interoperability challenges leveraging on a longterm expertise in Linux, Android, Mac and other major platforms. With support for all types of external storages it ensures that the users can always access, manage and stream their data.

Tuxera Solutions

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