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Press release August 26, 2009 Tuxera, the NTFS-3G File System Provider, Signs Intellectual Property Agreement with Microsoft and Announces Tuxera exFAT for Embedded Systems HELSINKI, FINLAND: Today Tuxera Ltd, the company founded by the leading open source NTFS project NTFS-3G, announced extensive cooperation with Microsoft. As part of this cooperation, Tuxera has signed an Intellectual
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Microsoft BizSpark

  • by Mikko Välimäki
Spent this morning at Microsoft’s BizSpark event in Espoo. It was a three hour session with a number of short talks and enthusiasm to get Microsoft partners to work and cooperate together. Keynote speaker was Petri I Salonen who runs IAMCP and TELLUS International in the US. A well motivated talk from a seasoned software
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