AllConnect is a software platform that enables all devices to connect and talk to each other regardless of the operating system and protocol.


Industry-wide Collaboration

Tuxera is an active member and a promoter of AllSeen Alliance, DIAL and DLNA. Close collaboration with key industry players and associations enables us to influence the direction of the connected community and ensures that AllConnect is fully compatible with all the latest devices, hardware versions and standard implementations.


Discovery and Launch (DIAL) organization, promoted by Netflix and Google, bridges the gap between the first and the second screen.


Open Connectivity Foundation leverages existing industry standards and technologies, provides connections between devices and between devices and the cloud, and manages the flow of information among devices, regardless of their form factors, operating systems, service providers or transports.


DLNA designs a set of guidelines for interoperable digital home framework.

Seamless Interoperability

Supports all the streaming technologies and works out of the box with over 5 billion devices. Any application built on top of AllConnect SDK allows the user to access data from any cloud service or media server and and stream it to any device, be it smart TV, set-top box, wireless speakers or a car dashboard. Applications running on AllConnect SDK work on all major platforms including Android and iOS.


Universal Controller

AllConnect SDK enables the smartphone work as a universal controller of the connected home. Thanks to some of its advanced features such as dual-channels, multi-room and multi-session, you can stream multiple songs and movies to all devices at home and control everything from the palm of your hand.


Optimized for All Platforms

Each AllConnect module is optimized for the best performance on all operating systems and platforms. Each component in the software stack is always up to date and works with all hardware versions. AllConnect is the easiest technology to embed in any third-party hardware or software.


For more information please visit AllConnect website or get in touch with our team.

The SDK with full documentation is now ready for evaluation.

Download AllConnect App to see how an application built on top of AllConnect works.

Stream what’s on your phone or tablet to all connected devices at home.

AllConnect Receiver works with all applications built on top of AllConnect SDK.

Enable any device to display any content sent from a phone or a tablet

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