Industrial IoT solutions to meet your needs

Tuxera has years of experience working with the most-demanding customers. Our industrial IoT solutions are based on that expertise and offer the latest in machine-to-machine connectivity for your needs. We can deliver the whole end-to-end solution to meet your needs, including gateway software and cloud backend. We have worked with multiple industrial companies to meet their needs.

Key benefits of working with Tuxera


We are the embedded Linux experts. As you move to adopt Linux in your critical systems we can help you to ensure you get all the information needed and no information is lost.

Product-based approach

We offer products first, not hours. Our goal is to complete your deployment as efficiently as possible using the right software and hardware and not to sell you hours.


We are not only embedded Linux experts, but we also have teams with expertise in data storage and encryption as well as application development.

Potential sensor & IoT gateway use cases

Predictive Maintenance

Indoor device locationing

Operational data collection

Our gateway solution to meet your needs

  • Works with most hardware capable of running Linux
  • Modular architecture – just use what you need
  • Highly customizable. Supports MQTT and LwM2M
  • Supports all major Cloud platforms
  • Supports encryption and transport-level security

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