Complete edge-to-cloud Industrial IoT connectivity

Tuxera has over a decade of experience solving complex technical challenges for our customers. Building on that expertise, we offer the latest in machine-to-machine connectivity to help your company succeed in digital transformation. We deliver a custom end-to-end IoT solution based on your specific needs, from sensor connectivity, to our robust IoT gateway software, and the cloud backend.

Key benefits of working with Tuxera

Linux expertise

We have a world-leading team of embedded Linux experts. As you adopt Linux into your critical systems, we ensure everything works smoothly during your digital transformation.

Solution-based approach

Our focus is on your solution, not selling hours. We aim to complete your deployment as efficiently as possible using the right software and hardware for your company’s specific goals and use cases.


We’re not only embedded Linux experts, but we also have deep knowledge and experience in data storage software and encryption, as well as application development.

Potential sensor & IoT gateway use cases

Predictive maintenance

Indoor device locationing

Operational data collection

Built on our robust Industrial IoT gateway solution

  • Works with most hardware capable of running Linux
  • Modular architecture—just use what you need
  • Highly customizable: supports MQTT and LwM2M
  • Encryption and transport-level security

Supports all major cloud platforms

We’re ready to solve your challenges in Industrial IoT connectivity


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