HPC-ready large storage at a competitive TCO

MooseFS by Tuxera is a fault-tolerant distributed parallel file system designed for mission-critical and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. We offer more than petabyte storage—exabyte storage, even—with exceptional performance, massive scalability, high availability, and no hardware vendor lock-in.

High scalability—space to grow

Get virtually limitless storage space. MooseFS by Tuxera scales linearly together with your data all the way up to 16 exabytes—or roughly 16,000 petabytes—for more than 2 billion files on a single cluster.

Supercharged storage for HPC

MooseFS by Tuxera delivers high throughput across the entire storage cluster. Plus, with compute-on-node technology, MooseFS by Tuxera is completely HPC-ready. You can combine data storage and processing on a single cluster for lowest latency and no bottlenecks.

Data integrity you can count on

Your data is always accessible for analysis and processing—without disruptions or data loss. MooseFS by Tuxera has high availability and robust data integrity features such as SPOF-less configuration (no single point of failure), metadata redundancy, and distributed user data.

No hardware vendor lock-in

Mix and match hardware as you like. With Moose FS by Tuxera, you can build your storage system on commodity x86-64 computing components—meaning a low total cost of ownership (TCO). It works with all major disk interfaces, including SATA/SAS and SSD/HDD.

Responsive customer support

The largest team of file systems experts—at your service. We’ve been solving complex storage challenges for our customers for over a decade. Our engineers are on call to help you 24/7 in 15 languages.

MooseFS by Tuxera benefits at a glance

Less raw space

Our erasure coding technology (with up to 9 parity sums) ensures redundancy while using less raw space compared to ordinary data duplication approaches.

Low TCO tiered storage

Store hot data on your fastest storage hardware, while infrequently used data can be assigned to cheaper, slower drives.

Flexible deployment

Deploy on premises, in the cloud, as a hybrid solution, or in different locations. Our solution is ready to run on any platform or environment—with minimal configuration.

One single volume

MooseFS by Tuxera runs as a single file system volume, no matter the cluster size and even if geographically distributed across multiple sites.

Hassle-free backups

Atomic snapshots bring instantaneous and uninterrupted provisioning of the file system at any particular point in time, ideal for online backup solutions for your enterprise.

On-the-fly upgrades

Updates and hardware changes are easy to implement one node at a time—meaning zero system downtime.

Highly scalable storage for your data-heavy workloads

Media production and distribution

Oil & Gas industry

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