Tuxera enterprise-grade SMB/CIFS/Samba server implementation


A lightning-fast enterprise SMB server

Tuxera SMB is a high-performance, drop-in replacement for open source Samba and other SMB/CIFS servers. Built on our expertise in Linux kernel and file systems, our proprietary SMB server comes ready to run on all major platforms. It brings support for Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to enterprise-grade network attached storage (NAS). Tuxera SMB is highly scalable with unsurpassed reliability, making it possible to  securely share files over a network to many devices at the same time.

Official Microsoft partner for SMB

Since 2009, we’ve been a close partner with Microsoft in file systems and storage. We’re also Microsoft’s official partner in bringing full SMB support to all non-Windows platforms.


Why choose Tuxera SMB Enterprise

Tuxera SMB has state-of-the-art modular architecture that runs in user or kernel space. This enables Tuxera SMB to achieve maximum hardware I/O throughput, and ensures the lowest CPU usage and memory footprint compared to any other alternative. Our non-GPL replacement for Samba and other SMB/CIFS servers supports all the protocol’s latest features, including SMB 2, SMB 3, and all related security features. What’s more, we offer round-the-clock worldwide technical support.

Save costs and time

Reduce hardware requirements and costs. Because Tuxera SMB boosts network throughput and uses less CPU, you get better results with commodity hardware. Tuxera SMB is also very easy to deploy, winning you a faster time to market.

Extensive SMB-protocol support

Tuxera SMB supports SMB 3 and previous versions (1.0, 2.0, 2.1). It works reliably with all SMB/CIFS protocols to ensure file-sharing interoperability across any network. We bring you comprehensive features support including encryption, authentication, SMB over RDMA, SMB Multichannel, Windows Active Directory (AD), quotas, and much more.

Non-GPL SMB implementation

Let your software engineers work on what matters. Our feature-rich, fully proprietary SMB server means they no longer need to hassle with legacy codebase maintenance or GPL licenses.

Full-service tech support

Customer support and problem-solving are our company cornerstones. Our experienced engineers are on call round-the-clock for technical assistance in over 15 languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

A high-performance SMB server

Our cutting-edge kernel-space deployment boosts I/O throughput, reduces CPU usage, has a low memory footprint, and enables fast, easy handling of multiple simultaneous connections to shared resources.

Customizable integration

Tuxera SMB is easy to adapt to any software environment or hardware platform. It comes with built-in tools with customizable settings for account and dynamic share management, amongst other configuration tools.

Experts in network storage solutions

Tuxera’s storage solutions power billions of consumer electronics and networking devices. Some of our selected customers include:

Clearsky Tuxera
Huawei Tuxera
HP Tuxera
Cisco Tuxera
Dell Tuxera
Fujitsu Tuxera

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