Seamless Connectivity

Sharing relevant data inside and outside the car is one of the major trends in the automotive industry, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Interoperability Across Platforms

With Tuxera solutions you can access all content such as 3D navigation maps, music, videos and photos on all brought-in storages including SD cards, USB drives and memory sticks. AllConnect SDK together with AllConnect Receiver make it possible to stream any media from your phone and tablet, favorite channels and the cloud.



Optimized Endurance

To satisfy steep requirements set by the car manufacturers, Tuxera delivers the highest read and write performance crucial in the in-vehicle infotainment systems. Power-safe and flash-memory friendly by design, Tuxera file systems limit Write Amplification Factor (WAF) significantly extending the flash memory lifetime.

Ultimate Reliability

The automotive system is prone to drastic drops in power. Fail-safe by design, Tuxera file systems ensure full data and system integrity in case of unexpected plug-off, power-off or a system crash. On-the-fly check and repair tools make sure that the system heals itself transparently while running.


Tuxera Solutions

for Automotive Infotainment and Aftermarket







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