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Automotive Infotainment

SD in Dash, USB in Glovebox. Software from Tuxera.

Today car buyers expect connectivity with their portable devices. Tuxera is the trusted market leader supplying complete file system interoperability software stack for automotive infotainment systems. Collaborating with the leading car infotainment manufacturers, Tuxera file systems have been integrated in the most popular automotive platforms including different Linux distributions — also the GENIVI reference platform — Windows CE Embedded and QNX. There is need for the following different file systems:

  • exFAT is needed for SD card reader interface, usually located on the dashboard besides or instead of the CD player. exFAT is a must have if users attach the latest 64 GB or higher capacity SD memory cards to view pictures, play MP3s and videos.

  • NTFS is needed for USB storage, typically located in the glove box or dash. NTFS is a must have if users attach a Windows-formatted portable hard drives and want to play MP3s and videos. NTFS is the default Windows file system today and most portable hard drives are pre-formatted as NTFS.

  • FAT is needed for both USB portable hard drives and SD memory cards up to 32 GB. It is the old standard but still widely used.

This is what Microsoft says:

exFAT is a modern file system designed to handle very large files, and we are pleased to support Tuxera’s development of an exFAT file system implementation.

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