Data management for reliability and performance

We work with customers to meet data reliability, performance, and storage lifetime requirements demanded by your specific industry. From the edge all the way to the cloud, we have a comprehensive portfolio of file systems, flash management software, network storage management, and storage testing services.

Automotive data management

Meet your needs for data reliability with our power fail-safe, high-performance storage management software for ADAS, DVR, EDR, telematics, instrument cluster, and infotainment.

Embedded automotive solutions

Aerospace and defense data integrity

Take control over data-at-risk with robust fault-tolerant storage software for spacecraft, communication devices, avionics, and defense applications.

Aerospace and defense solutions

Enterprise data management

Get lightning-fast network file transfers with our fast, secure, and highly scalable alternative to Samba.

Enterprise network storage

Consumer IoT device storage

Outstanding consumer device brands count on us for high storage performance and storage media interoperability.

Consumer electronics solutions

Industrial IoT and smart automation

Count on us for rock-solid data integrity and storage media longevity. Explore our data management solutions for factory automation and IIoT.

Industrial data storage management