New customers

If you’re new to using our software and would like to evaluate or test any of our commercial-grade solutions or services, please get in touch with us. One of our sales agents will help you assess your needs and get you set up with our technical team.

Contact technical sales

Binary deliverables – existing customers

Some of our software is delivered to you as binary files.
This applies to the following list of products:

  • Fusion File Share by Tuxera (SMB)
  • Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera
  • Microsoft FAT by Tuxera
  • Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera (embedded)
  • Tuxera APFS
  • Tuxera HFS+
  • Reliance Velocity

If you already have an account with us for a binary deliverable, please be in touch with the technical sales agent or account manager assigned to you.

Source-code deliverables – existing customers

We also have software delivered as source code. If you’re already an existing customer using these products, use your MyDatalight login to access your software and documentation. You’ll be redirected to the MyDatalight portal – that’s OK! Tuxera acquired Datalight Inc, in 2019 and you’ll get the same great customer service you’re accustomed to. Get the following software products and documentation with your MyDatalight login:

  • FlashFX Tera
  • Reliance Edge
  • Reliance EdgeNAND
  • Reliance Nitro
  • FlashFX Pro (pre-existing support contracts only)
  • Reliance (pre-existing support contracts only)

HCC-Embedded customers

HCC-Embedded was acquired by Tuxera in 2021.

  • If you bought your product from a distributor or other supplier please contact your local supplier as the first step.
  • If you do not have a valid support contract but would like to renew it, please contact your supplier or Tuxera Sales who will be pleased to help you.
  • For information concerning potential vulnerabilities, including former Interniche products, visit this link: security advisories.
  • For support, user manuals, or documentation concerning products concerning products formerly purchased directly from HCC-Embedded, please contact us directly through the link below.

NTFS for Mac customers

You can find FAQs and initiate support requests directly from: