pl_suiteTuxera File System Suite

Tuxera NTFS Embedded

Most popular Tuxera NTFS file technology, found in the latest consumer electronics.

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Tuxera exFAT Embedded

The first and most popular exFAT on Android with swift integration, high reliability and outstanding performance

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Tuxera FAT+ Embedded

The easiest way to store large files on memory cards, USB drives, smartphones, cameras, and much more. Handles file sizes all the way up to the limit of your storage.

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Tuxera Flash File System

All-in-one solution fully customized for the internal flash storage. Tuxera Flash is based on the existing Tuxera file systems implementations and offers a wide range of extended features.

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Tuxera HFS+ Embedded

The first choice for seamless compatibility with Mac OS X

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Tuxera FAT Embedded

The fastest data transfer and handling with the latest storages. Incomparable fail-safe operation and low power consumption.

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pl_suiteTuxera Network Technology

Tuxera SMB

High performance, proprietary licensed SMB server implementation for Linux and any embedded platform. Full replacement for open source Samba.

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Tuxera NTFS for Mac

Full read-write compatibility with NTFS-formatted drives on a Mac. Access, edit, store and transfer files hassle-free. Includes Tuxera Disk Manager for easy formatting and hard drive maintenance such as check and repair.

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A1 SD Bench

Free tool to benchmark your phone & tablet SD card, RAM and memory, to test IO read / write speed (Quick, Long, Random I/O and Accurate), check media performance, and compare your benchmark results online.

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Stream what’s on your phone or tablet to any device in your home.

The first app on the market built on top of the AllConnect SDK. AllConnect App enables smartphone and tablet to act as a mobile controller of home network of connected devices.

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AllConnect Receiver turns your Android device into a full-featured multimedia wireless player.

Using AllConnect SDK and Tuxera’s Accelerated Protocol, you can stream HiFi audio and 4K video from any mobile app to any device.

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AllConnect is a software platform that enables all devices to connect and talk to each other regardless of the operating system and protocol.

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