Embedded file systems

A file system is used to categorize information, allowing it to be stored in separate files and folders. Embedded file systems impact the read and write performance of the physical storage, the integrity of the data stored, flash endurance or the lifetime of the memory hardware, and data and storage interoperability. For an embedded device, file systems need to be power, fail-safe. All our embedded file system software feature patented methods to ensure data, volume, and metadata integrity. We have a variety of file systems to meet your specific data workloads, use case, and reliability needs. Plus, our embedded file systems work across a wide variety of operating systems and bare metal.

Tuxera Reliance Nitro

Tuxera’s power-failsafe embedded file system designed for data-critical systems running Linux, VxWorks, and other operating systems. A transactional file system built to protect critical system and user data from corruption in embedded devices where power loss may occur.

Reliance Nitro – power-failsafe embedded file system for mission-critical data

Tuxera Reliance Velocity

Our high-performance, embedded flash-friendly file system for Linux and QNX. Designed to bring the ultimate performance, reliability, and longest lifetime to any flash hardware –  whether it’s UFS, eMMC, SSD, or SD.

Reliance Velocity - High-performance file system for embedded flash memory

Tuxera Reliance Edge

Power-failsafe embedded file system for resource-constrained systems on INTEGRITY, FreeRTOS and many other real-time operating systems. The only embedded file system designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data with deterministic behavior required by today’s autonomous systems.

Reliance Edge - Power-failsafe file system for resource-constrained systems

Tuxera Reliance Assure

Accelerate the certification process for your embedded systems. Our transactional file system specifically designed for applications where certifiability, fail safety, and data integrity are paramount. Deterministic behavior gives you full control of your data-at-risk. Plus it works with a majority of safety-critical RTOSes.

Reliance Assure - Embedded power-failsafe file system for data-at-risk

Tuxera Reliance Sense

The only purpose-built file system enabling persistent, robust data storage for data-logging applications on embedded IoT sensors, wearables, and digital meter devices. This tiny embedded file system has a unique, database-like design that makes efficient use of NOR flash memory to reliably store structured data.

Tuxera Reliance Sense

Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND

Our power-failsafe embedded flash file system for FreeRTOS and other real-time operating systems. Specially engineered to capture and preserve data on SPI NAND and other raw NAND flash media.

Reliance EdgeNAND - Embedded flash file system for mission-critical data stored on SPI-NAND

GravityCS by Tuxeraconnectivity suite

Tuxera’s commercial-grade suite of interoperable file systems, designed for external or portable storage media – like USB sticks and SD memory cards. GravityCS includes the following embedded file systems:

GravityCS by Tuxera - Commercial-grade file systems for external storage connectivity

Embedded storage & network enablement software

Flash management and flash translation layer (FTL) software

Physical NAND flash media uses a controller, plus software or firmware, to act as a standard block device. This software must manage correctible bit errors and perform wear leveling, while using additional regions and caches to deliver high performance. Tuxera’s flash management software features both static and dynamic wear leveling, plus an advanced error manager to provide the best lifetime. Patented algorithms deliver high performance and recovery from power interruption. What’s more, our modular approach supports easy changes to the flash hardware, allowing system designers to optimize their bill-of-materials costs.

Tuxera FlashFX Tera

Our intelligent embedded flash memory manager – or Flash Translation layer (FTL) – designed for high performance, cost efficiency, and versatile controls of data storage management on raw MLC/SLC NAND flash memory.

FlashFX Tera - Comprehensive, high-performance storage management for raw flash memory

Tuxera SafeFTL

Our advanced fail-safe flash FTL is designed to provide predictable flash operations for safety-critical systems using most standard types of NAND and NOR flash, in simple or complex configurations.


Tuxera SafeFTL

USB storage and network enablement software

Tuxera Embedded USB Suite

Our high-quality embedded USB driver suite for storage, networking, and audio connectivity. We provide solutions for common functions like HID, hub and mass storage, but also for more sophisticated needs including isochronous, composite devices, and interfaces to file systems and ethernet.

Connect with USB Suite

Tuxera Embedded USB Suite

Embedded network stacks

Tuxera’s TCP/IP stacks provide a comprehensive range of connectivity protocols, as well as support for both IPv4 and IPv6, providing flexibility and long-term network compatibility. Our network stacks bring new levels of performance, verifiable quality, and reliability to the embedded networking market.

Tuxera Networking Stack

The Tuxera Networking Stack showcases our various networking solutions designed to provide secure network communications. Our networking solutions have all the connectivity components you need (EEM, HTTPS, IPSEC, MQTT, SNMP, TLS, and more) – plus a small footprint, high throughput, and low CPU cycle operation.


Tuxera Networking Stack

Enterprise storage and data access solutions

Tuxera's Enterprise storage and data access solutions

High-performance, highly scalable enterprise data access and file storage software for accessing, storing, and transferring unstructured or file-based data.

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Enterprise data access

Other software products

Tuxera ROM-DOS

Embedded operating system
An MS-DOS compatible operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers.


Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Tuxera

For home or business use – our read-write NTFS driver for Macs.

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