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Power Internal & External Storage

Mobile devices are essential in our day-to-day activities. Tuxera solutions power internal and external storage making sure that efficiency is high and the storage can be always extended with high capacity SDXC cards and USB drives.

Break Free From Storage Limitations

Media files such as photos, videos and music take up a lot of space and the number of storage locations constantly increase. With Tuxera file system solutions you can easily break free from the internal storage limitation with high-capacity SDXC memory cards, USB drivers and store your data where you want it to be.


Push Hardware to the New Limits

Tuxera proprietary performance enhancing technolgy delivers the fastest read and write speed in the market. Optimized for both internal (eMMC) and external (SD Card) uses, Tuxera file systems outperform and outlast legacy file system implementations on mobile platforms in terms of reliability, performance and lifetime of internal flash memory.


Differentiate From the Ground Up

Tuxera delivers outstanding performance, reliability and interoperability in one package for Android platform. Android running on Tuxera file systems enjoys significantly faster data transfers, much improved application responsiveness, data preserving and power saving benefits. All this translates to much better user experience while significantly speeding up time-to-market.


Take Control of the Connected Home

Using AllConnect SDK  you can easily access, manage and stream digital data from cloud services and media serves to virtually any device, be it smart TV, set-top box, wireless speakers or a car dashboard. It enables your phone to act as a mobile controller of your home network of connected devices.



Tuxera File Systems Power the Latest Phones & Tablets on the Market

Mr. Ni Fei,
CEO of ZTE nubiaNovember 21, 2014

Smartphone buyers in China and elsewhere are looking for the latest innovations and optional customization. [...] Based on our rigorous evaluation only Tuxera file systems meet nubia’s criteria based on top performance, rock solid reliability and fastest time to market. We are looking forward to a long-term technological cooperation.

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