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Fastest NAS Performance in the Market.

Most network-attached storage (NAS) and broadband router buyers, especially those looking for powerful features, look at read and write speeds. A typical NAS or router box runs off the self open source Linux software stack with standard Linux file systems. Everyone is on the same baseline. Any manufacturer who wants to make a difference should come and try Tuxera’s file system solutions. We have seen the demand is high for:

  • NTFS is needed for internal SATA or external USB storages. NTFS is must have if users attach a Windows-formatted portable hard drives to the system. NTFS is the default Windows file system today and most portable hard drives are NTFS pre-formatted.

  • HFS+ is needed for the same reason as NTFS for external storages but to provide full interoperability with Apple’s computers, iPod and Apple pre-formatted storages. HFS+ is the default Apple’s Mac OS X default file system.

See what Marvell has to say:

Our collaboration with Tuxera, who delivers industry-leading file system solutions for NAS, reinforces Marvell’s leadership and commitment to breaking barriers in the storage space. We understand performance is paramount for NAS customers, and we believe features such as file system optimizations – combined with both companies’ reputations for quality and support – place Marvell and Tuxera well ahead of the competition.

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