Appareo Systems Chooses Tuxera NTFS for Flight Data Monitoring Device
Top Reliability Enables Vision 1000 to Meet Strict Requirements for Aviation Industry

HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 5, 2010 – Tuxera, the leading provider of Windows-compatible file systems for Linux, Android, Mac and other platforms, today announced that Appareo Systems has licensed Tuxera NTFS to bring seamless interoperability to its Vision 1000 system. Tuxera’s embedded file system solution will allow the Vision 1000, a cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring (FDM) device wrapped into one, to read/write data efficiently for the aviation industry. The result of a joint development between Appareo Systems and Eurocopter, the Vision 1000 gives any operator the ability to benefit from a comprehensive FDM program.

“Tuxera’s file systems offer great reliability – something required in the aviation industry,” said Appareo Systems embedded systems director Robert Weinmann. “The Vision 1000 system captures critical inertial and position data, cockpit imagery and audio. Tuxera helps to make this happen.”

“Appareo’s market is the aviation industry where it is essential to capture data both effectively and efficiently,” stated Tuxera CEO Mikko Välimäki. “We’re happy to see that Tuxera file system solutions will help pilots, aircraft operators and the aviation industry on the whole meet their demanding requirements for flight data monitoring and recording.”

In addition to the Vision 1000, Tuxera NTFS will be also included in Appareo Systems’ next generation Flight Data Monitoring tool, the GAU 3000, a modular device that offers options for collecting aircraft data through a number of interfaces including its own inertial suite, ARINC 429 inputs and other modules.