Flash Memory is gaining momentum in the consumer electronics today, bringing a broad range of memory solutions with high density, low power consumption and endurance characteristics. Being non-volatile they retain the data, even when the power is switched off.

Increasing demand for smartphones and tablets is pushing supply for flash solutions that double device storage potential and can be easily integrated into space-constrained designs. Smarter, faster and more powerful mobile devices require in turn smarter, faster and more powerful memory, the key requirements being low power consumption and high performance. Similar progress can be seen in the automotive market where new generation memory solutions are needed to provide additional storage for rich multimedia data and advanced software and applications.

The applications for flash are becoming more diverse and that is where JEDEC comes in. The association gathers together suppliers and manufacturers to work on existing and new generation standards including eMMC, SSD and UFS that meet the varied technical and developmental needs of the ever-evolving industry. Recently released eMMC 5.0 offers enhancements for embedded mass-storage flash memory upping the maximum interface speed rates to 400MB/s.

Tuxera solutions for internal storage, fully optimised for different flash technologies, meet steep hardware performance limits with no sacrifice in fail-safe reliability and interoperability. Furthermore, fail-safe by design, Tuxera file systems ensure that no data will get lost or corrupted in case of unexpected plug-off, system crash or critical power drop. Significant improvements in performance and reliability help manufacturers achieve higher level of device responsiveness and usability with cost-effective software and hardware solutions. For more information and detailed use cases drop us an email.