We are excited to share with you an article from one of our valued partners, the SD Association. The following is a snippet from the original article. Be sure to read the full article here: The SD Memory Card Formatter – How this handy tool solves your memory card formatting needs.

For many of us, SD memory cards are an easy way to keep our important files and precious memories stored safely. But after using an SD memory card for a long time, files may begin to fragment, which can result in performance deterioration of the card. That’s when we use simple reformatting methods to wipe cards clean in an effort to restore their reliability and performance. Proper formatting is therefore essential in keeping our critical document files and favorite photos or videos available for future viewing.

First-rate formatting with the SD Memory Card Formatter

When formatting an SD memory card, specific tools and methods are required in order to ensure an effective process with minimal data loss.

The SD Memory Card Formatter, developed by Tuxera, handles SD memory cards in accordance with standards defined by the SD Association. In fact, it’s the official tool for formatting any SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards, as recommended by the SD Association. By optimizing an SD memory card to SD Association standards, the SD Memory Card Formatter safely improves the card’s performance and lifetime. Operating system (OS) built-in formatters are rarely tested as rigorously, and often may not follow these standards as closely, resulting in formatting processes that are less reliable – and potentially leading to sooner memory card failure.

The SD Memory Card Formatter is designed to be the best tool for the job, for virtually every type of user – offering you the highest level of reliability and data integrity for all of your formatting and reformatting needs.

Read the full article on the SD Association’s website for more information and technical details on how the SD Memory Card Formatter can help you.