Fortis Chooses Tuxera NTFS to Extend Interoperability for Its Full HD PVRs
Makes It Possible to Record Three Channels and Playback Two HD Channels Simultaneously

HELSINKI, FINLAND – (Feb. 22, 2011) – Tuxera Inc., the leading provider of Windows and Mac compatible file systems for Linux, Android and other platforms, announced today that Fortis Inc. has selected Tuxera NTFS interoperable file system solution for Fortis’ Full HD PVRs. Fortis belongs to the leading set-top box manufacturers in Korea, and its products are sold in many countries in Europe under different OEM brands.

Tuxera NTFS empowers additional stability on Fortis’ PVRs time-shifting, recording and playback functionality and takes interoperability well above the industry standard. In essence, Tuxera NTFS makes it possible to record three channels and playback two HD channels simultaneously over internal as well as external HDD and USB storages in NTFS file system. Tuxera NTFS additionally improves the usability of Fortis’ PVRs as it allows consumers to attach any external Windows formatted storages for hassle-free simultaneous playback and backups.

“We chose Tuxera NTFS for its best-in-class performance numbers in the markets and well-known reliability record. At Fortis, we strive to make always the best products with the latest technology and address consumers’ requests and new use cases as they come. Adding Tuxera NTFS into our HD PVRs has greatly upgraded Fortis HD PVR functionality and our products’ appeal to the customers,” noted Sales director, Jake LEE at Fortis.

“We are excited to work with another agile growth company to build together consumer electronics that are used in millions of homes every day. Fortis’ technical expertise and market leadership in the set-top box industry further proves how high-performance Tuxera NTFS takes HD PVRs recording and playback capabilities to the next level,” noted Mikko Valimaki, Tuxera CEO.