Fusion File Share for HPC applications in medical research

A renowned medical research institution overcame data transfer and file sharing challenges using Fusion File Share by Tuxera SMB server implementation. The institute’s advanced imaging and research setup benefited from Fusion’s seamless, secure data transfer, scalability, and easy integration. Notably, Fusion eliminated network protocol bottlenecks, optimized storage performance, and simplified user access management, leading to more efficient use of laboratory time – with less hassles.

Customer wins in brief

Maximized throughput

Secure data transfer & access

Seamless compatibility & integration

Keep the focus on breakthroughs, not bottlenecks

In medical research, the available toolset must prioritize precision and timeliness to be effective. Microscopes are no exception to this rule. Today’s ultra-high-resolution microscopes offer exceptional image resolution, coupled with advanced technologies such as 3D and live cell imaging – all of which generate massive amounts of data. Harnessing these cutting-edge technologies creates new challenges with data generation, storage, and transfer requirements. Addressing these issues requires robust solutions in every component of your high-performance computing environment – even your SMB file sharing solution. Discover how Fusion File Share by Tuxera, our enterprise-grade SMB server implementation – has made novel discoveries possible in a prestigious medical research institution.

About the customer – medical research institute

The customer is a North American medical research institution at the forefront of medical technology innovation. The institute is world-renowned for a multitude of medical discoveries and treatment breakthroughs throughout its long history. To conduct the advanced research projects at the institute, the organization has an impressive range of sophisticated imaging equipment including machines for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT), Super-resolution Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Photoacoustic Imaging, Endoscopy, and X-ray. These devices generate ultra-high-resolution images and videos.

The Challenge

The customer’s setup included multiple super-resolution microscopes with network access, high-speed image generation, a high-performance file storage cluster, significant data throughput demands, AI and machine learning image processing, and a mix of Windows and Mac devices accessing the data.

The institution required a streamlined approach to manage the following critical challenges:

  1. Data storage: The institution’s collective image devices generated vast amounts of 4K/8K image and video files, requiring a reliable data storage solution.
  2. Data transfer: Efficient and fast data transfer was crucial to ensure that images and videos reached the centralized data center for analysis and storage.
  3. AI/ML integration: The customer relied on AI and machine learning for image analysis with seamless access to data stored in the central repository.
  4. Data security: Given the sensitive nature of their research (for example, patient sample data), maintaining data security and access control was critically important.
  5. Scalability: With plans to expand their research capabilities, the institution needed a solution that could scale without interruptions.
  6. Compatibility: The customer had existing Windows and Mac devices that needed access to the network. Additionally, any changes to the system should integrate seamlessly with their current infrastructure.

The institute’s initial infrastructure was built with an open-source SMB server implementation. However, the solution did not adequately meet all the requirements above.

The solution – Fusion File Share by Tuxera SMB server implementation

The medical research institution chose Fusion File Share by Tuxera as their SMB file sharing solution for several compelling reasons:

  1. Proven technology: Fusion was recommended by their software-defined storage (SDS) provider, because of our software’s high-speed data transfer capabilities. This made it an ideal fit for their data-intensive workflows.
  2. Data security: The technology supported the latest SMB3 protocol standard, ensuring optimal data transfer security.
  3. Data encryption: The advanced security features of Fusion enabled secure data transfer of sensitive information.
  4. Scalability: The solution provided the flexibility to scale the file cluster as needed, seamlessly accommodating new microscopes and additional storage.
  5. Fail-safety: A critical requirement for the institution was a system that could continue data transfer even in the event of a storage node failure, and Fusion was able to deliver the needed uptime and fail-safety.
  6. Compatibility: Fusion enabled the institution to take full advantage of their existing systems and networks, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure replacements.

Download tech specs: Fusion File Share by Tuxera SMB server implementation

The imaging system architecture setup powered by Fusion File Share by Tuxera.

Achieving success with Fusion File Share by Tuxera

Our team of experts integrated Fusion into the research laboratory’s technology stack, setting up all the necessary configurations and customizations they would need for success. Switching to Fusion brought several benefits for the research institute, including:

  1. Network protocol bottlenecks eliminated: Data transfer speeds over SMB now nearly reach the theoretical maximum network speeds.
  2. Optimized storage performance: The institution can now fully take advantage of the performance capabilities of their SDS, ensuring fast access to end-user devices for processed data results and analyzed images.
  3. Data security assured: Fusion encryption capabilities ensured that sensitive data was securely transferred, meeting stringent privacy and access control requirements.
  4. Simplified user experience for researchers: With Active Directory support, user access management was streamlined, enhancing the overall user experience. Plus, the need for specialized client applications on all devices was eliminated, making it less hassle for researchers to make SMB connections over the network.

Final thoughts

Fusion File Share by Tuxera enabled this pioneering medical research institution to overcome their challenges with data-intensive medical imaging and optical technology. The successful implementation of Fusion not only optimized data transfer and the storage speed potential, but also ensured data security, scalability, and compatibility with existing systems. The institution’s researchers can now focus on their groundbreaking work, knowing that their data is handled with the utmost efficiency and security, thanks to Fusion File Share by Tuxera.

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