Humax Selects Tuxera File Systems for High Performance, Fail Safe Recording
Multi-Tuner PVR Products Can Record and Time Shift with External Storages

Helsinki, Finland and Seoul, KoreaMay 29, 2012 — Tuxera Inc. the leading provider of interoperable file systems for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced Humax, the worldwide set-top box market leader, has selected Tuxera file systems to power its advanced set-top box products. With Tuxera file systems, Humax latest set-top boxes will support the recording of video streams to any external locally attached storage.

For example Humax’s HD Zapper powered by Tuxera NTFS can now record and time shift HD quality video streams to external USB hard drives. Recordings can be also played back on PC and Mac laptops and other devices thanks to Tuxera’s fully interoperable storage technology. High-performance Tuxera NTFS is today the default choice for connected set-top boxes and TVs.

Tuxera NTFS key features include:

* Outstanding performance for multi-channel, time shift HD recording. Tuxera NTFS is faster than the most popular native Linux file systems (e.g. ext3, ext4, FAT32)

* Easy set-up. Users can attached any off-the-shelf NTFS pre-formatted USB hard drive and start recording without formatting or playback contents on the drive without any hassle.

* Fail safe operation. Storage remains usable and recordings accessible even after a sudden power failure or an unexpected unplug during recording or playback.

* Seamless portability. Recorded streams can be played back on Windows and Mac laptops and computers without the need to install third party software.

“Tuxera’s solution opened the bottleneck of storing multi streams of high-definition contents reliably to external affordable storages without reformatting and other interruptions. With Tuxera inside, users will be able to attach their existing USB hard drives and flash memories to Humax set-top boxes to play or record their favorite programs without a fuss. This all greatly enhances the user experience.” noted Sungtae Kim, VP SW Engineering/STB SW Div./R&D Dept. at Humax.

Humax was the first company in Asia to develop DVB digital satellite broadcasting set-top boxes in the mid 1990s and has ever since been the world leader in the digital broadcasting industry with its high quality set-top box and digital video recorder products. Tuxera is the market leader in file systems for phones, tablets, set-top boxes, TVs, NAS, routers, and automotive infotainment systems. Tuxera’s customers span the world leading consumer electronics OEMs.

“Tuxera is excited to start working together with Humax who has for years held the recognized leadership position in their market. Our companies leading positions in set-top boxes and file systems, respectively, ensures that consumers worldwide will enjoy top-notch, hassle free media connectivity.” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera CEO.

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