Deliver High Performance and Full Interoperability Across Platforms

Helsinki, Finland – October 8, 2014 – Tuxera Inc., the leader in interoperable file system solutions, announced today that Tuxera NTFS ships inside Lenovo’s latest All-In-One (AIO) PC series. Lenovo, which recently became the world’s top PC manufacturer, keeps on growing its product portfolio spanning from smartphones to high end business systems. Launched this summer, Lenovo N300 masterfully combines the simplicity of Android with the power and productivity of a home computer. It is also the first Intel Bay Trail-D-based PC shipping with Android.

N300 AIO makes it possible to run the vast Android app catalog on a large screen. The device adds a number of extra-convenient features on top of the standard package including support for multiple user accounts, ample storage, integrated battery for home portability, connecting ports for multimedia sharing, and wireless connectivity for other devices. With Tuxera NTFS integrated the Android based AIO also supports full interoperability with Windows storages.

This way users can access all content from any external USB hard drive, memory stick or other Windows formatted storage without the need to even think about cross platform issues. The highest read and write speeds on the market together with the ultimate reliability deliver the best user experience.

“Lenovo’s All-In-One is a work and home multimedia center in one. We have worked hard to ensure that also Android powered devices can work like any desktop PC with support to all possible portable and mobile storages out of the box. A crucial point in the process is our long-standing expertise with Linux kernel, which enables us to deliver fully integrated, optimized and tested solutions that can significantly speed up manufacturers time-to-production,” added Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera President and CTO.

“Partnership with Lenovo is another milestone in line with our growing investments in the region. China is our fastest growing market and as we are expanding cooperation with the top manufacturers, it is crucial to have an expert team on the site,” noted Yang Zhiheng, Country Manager at Tuxera.