Drives Interoperability and SDXC Adoption

Helsinki, Finland and Seoul, South KoreaMay 7, 2013 – Tuxera Inc., the market leader in interoperable file system technologies announced today a new partnership with LG Electronics under which Tuxera exFAT file system is integrated into LGE Mobile flagship products. Tuxera’s file system solution already ships in the latest LGE smartphone lines.

LGE has ranked consistently among the Top global smartphone vendors for several years. In the first quarter of 2013, its smartphone shipments amounted to 10.3 million, raising its global market share to 4.9%.

“The smartphone market is currently driven by new technology and innovation. That is why we decided to partner with Tuxera, a highly capable file system software provider. Their commitment and hands-on expertise in supporting our product development has been outstanding and we are looking forward to a long-term license agreement. Tuxera exFAT solution ensures ease of use and full interoperability for our end users. It is being integrated into our leading smartphone lines as we speak,” commented Yu-Chan Byun, Research Fellow at LG Electronics.

The first LGE product that ships with Tuxera’s technology inside is LG Optimus G smartphone, which was released in Korea in September 2012, followed by releases in the American, Japanese and European markets. Top of the line Optimus G comes with the best hardware and software LGE has released up to date. With Tuxera exFAT integrated, LG Optimus G users can extend the phone’s storage with high capacity 64GB, 128GB and even larger SDXC memory cards. Tuxera’s fail-safe, high performance file systems also improve the device’s overall usability and performance.

At the beginning of April 2013, LGE celebrated half a million sales in Korea after only 40 days since launching its latest flagship smartphone LG Optimus G Pro. The redesigned smartphone is packed with additional features such as motion detecting technology, dual recording and VR Panorama.

“Both LGE and Tuxera are highly committed to deliver new and innovative products to the worldwide consumer markets. Having previously worked with several demanding global customers, we know what is needed to keep up with a tight development schedule. We are proud to receive LGE engineering teams’ praise for quick response times without any compromises to quality,” said Paul Choo, Tuxera Senior Country Manager Korea.