We’ve got some exciting news from the enterprise storage ecosystem! Tuxera and Quantum® Corporation – the pioneer in end-to-end data management solutions for the AI era – announce a technical partnership. With this partnership, Quantum sets the stage to offer ultra-fast and feature rich SMB-based cross-platform file service.

Quantum is enhancing its StorNext® and Quantum Myriad® platforms by integrating advanced file service technology. This move establishes a new benchmark in SMB-based cross-platform file services.. StorNext customers can now have high-performance collaborative storage and fast network file service together on the same platform to meet their mission-critical enterprise and content creation workflow needs. The same technology is deeply integrated within Myriad as a first-class protocol to offer robust, cross-platform file sharing.

“Our StorNext and Myriad customers are building ever larger teams of connected users, investing more in Ethernet infrastructure, and facing challenging requirements such as 8K, high frame rates, and HDR, which are pushing the limits of client connectivity. Adding Tuxera Fusion File Share technology helps them effortlessly serve Windows, macOS, and Linux client systems with incredible performance and efficiency at scale. For example, our latest testing shows that a single Windows client configured for SMB Direct and SMB Multichannel can now achieve near line speed, over 10 GB/s with our F-Series NVMe all-flash arrays for StorNext. This is truly a game-changer for content producers needing extreme performance and advanced workflow management capabilities.” said Nick Elvester, vice president of product operations, Quantum.

Quantum’s partnership with Tuxera marks a significant milestone, bringing Quantum’s platforms to the forefront of cloud-scale SMB file-sharing. Our Fusion File Share SMB protocol software – alongside our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft on SMB patents – ensures Quantum’s offerings are not just cutting-edge, but also unparalleled in performance and reliability.

The Fusion File Share integration will benefit Quantum’s StorNext 7.2 and Myriad platforms by enabling them to serve large files more efficiently, and achieve higher performance. It will also accommodate the growing demands of macOS, Windows, and Linux clients.

This enhancement is a testament to our joint dedication to pushing the boundaries of client connectivity, especially in scenarios demanding high frame rates and resolutions like 8K and HDR. For Quantum’s media and entertainment industry customers, our cooperation aims to redefine the capabilities of content production and workflow management.

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