The software company continues to boost its presence within the Asian region to meet the growing demand for storage software technologies

Helsinki, Finland – October 17, 2017 ­­– Tuxera, the world leading storage and networking technology company, is expanding its presence into the Japanese market. The company sees Japan as a leading technology powerhouse within the global tech world and thus continues to actively engage with its local partners.

“For decades, Japanese companies have been bringing technological innovations to the global market. With this trend, Tuxera is seeing a growing demand for data-oriented solutions. This comes as no surprise, since Japan is well-known for its cameras, smartphones, cars, IoT, and media devices, all with heavy demands for edge storage. This creates new challenges particularly for the flash storage industry, and we are happy to offer solutions that can tackle them,” says Masashi Kuroko, Japan Country Manager of Tuxera.

The company envisions that data-driven experiences will continue to expand throughout various industries, and sees Japan as one of the main countries within this shift. Companies can create more immersive experiences for consumers with high-quality data generated and collected by devices and cars. As data becomes more precious, the requirements for data-handling solutions are much higher. From security concerns and edge-storage limitations, to flash storage lifetime and reliability – the rise of data-driven technologies continues to set new demands for both software and hardware solutions.

Tuxera embraces these challenges and continues to develop its state-of-the-art storage software solutions to boost the performance and functionality of edge storage.

About the flash storage industry

Flash storage is the go-to technology for storing local data on portable devices. According to the Flash Market report by Allied Market Research, the industry is expected to grow to $39 billion by 2022. This amounts to 33.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) when compared to 2016. The rapid growth is led by the Consumer Electronics market, where larger storage capacities and a growing amount of edge applications have created a high demand for innovative storage solutions.