Safety Vision Selects Tuxera File System for Robust Video Recording from Multiple Mass Transit Cameras
Writes Up-To 24 Simultaneous 1080P Full-HD Video Streams and Ensures Superior Reliability for Heavy-Use Mass Transit Deployments

Sunnyvale, CA <October 31, 2011> Tuxera, the leading provider of interoperable file systems for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced Safety Vision has licensed Tuxera’s interoperable file system solution to bring heavy-duty video recording capabilities to demanding mass transit system deployments. Safety Vision offers comprehensive mobile video solutions to fleet operators to ensure seamless and safe operations for vehicles on the move. With Tuxera’s file system the latest Safety Vision products achieve vastly improved video stream write performance and optimal disk utilization without compromising Windows and Linux interoperability and reliability.

Chalon Dilber, Director of Marketing at Safety Vision said: “Fleet customers rely on us to provide evidentiary quality video in the extremely demanding mobile/vehicle environment.  Our new Network Video Recording (NVR) platform utilizes Tuxera’s solution to offer unprecedented read/write performance while adhering to strict interoperability and reliability standards.”

Highlighted examples of Tuxera’s contributions to Safety Vision’s products features:

  • Support the recording of up to 24 simultaneous Full HD 1080P video streams, including audio and metadata, without limits on recording length
  • Support for extensive metadata with unlimited scalability for integration with new sensors and third party software applications
  • Seamless plug-and-play interoperability with both Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms
  • Setting the industry standard for speed of search and retrieval of data content from external applications
  • Reliability to withstand the many unforgiving mobile vehicle environments

“Companies such as Safety Vision set the bar high in our industry. Tuxera is privileged to work with the most demanding use cases to make sure all data is stored today and that it can be easily retrieved in the future. To achieve the common goals Tuxera delivers the industry’s highest-performing file system solutions with best-in-class reliability and full compliance to the industry standards,” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera CEO.

About Tuxera. Tuxera is a leading provider of file systems that allow music, pictures, videos and other content to be ported across devices. With Tuxera file systems inside, users experience plug and play interoperability with their laptops, digital cameras, set-top-boxes, mobile phones and other consumer electronics. Building on the success of open source, Tuxera’s industry-standard NTFS and exFAT solutions for Android, Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms have over 30 million installations. Close collaboration with Microsoft ensures reliable compatibility and helps Tuxera to set the standard in high-performance, low power use for embedded and mobile solutions. Tuxera’s customers include leading hardware, software, and consumer electronics companies. For more information, please visit

About Safety Vision. Serving transit, police, school bus, and other public and private sector fleets since 1993, Safety Vision provides comprehensive mobile video solutions that enhance visibility, improve safety, protect assets, and reduce liability. Systems include onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. Components include mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs); rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology; video-viewing and –sharing software; and in-cab monitors. Advanced surveillance system technology enables the secure capture, automated wireless download, and simplified backend management of video, audio, and other evidentiary data. For more information, please visit: